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Hello there👋

I'm a UI/UX (+ creative) designer passionate about creating engaging, delightful experiences.

iPhone Mockup 2 1.png
Improving the appointment booking experience for Health Buddy

User researcher

User Interface Designer

Information Architect 

My Role

A redesign of Health Buddy, a government healthcare service app, to improve its functions and ease of usability.

5 Weeks (August 2022)

group mockup_edited.png
How might we provide a seamless onboarding experience for new eSIM users?

Product Designer

User Researcher

Usability Tester

My Role

Transformeing Jetpac's onboarding process, resulting in a 20% surge in user satisfaction and an 87.5% reduction in related customer tickets

3 Months (Novemeber 2023 - January 2024)

two-opened-laptops-back-back-isolated-white_389832-761 2.png
Restructuring the website information hierarchy for a seamless consumer experience

A complete overhaul of Game Academia's website, an e-commerce store focusing on online trading card game goods.

Solo project

My Role

4 Weeks (July 2022)

Minimalist Neutral Multi Device Computer Mockup Website Launch Instagram Post 1.png
How might we make parents trust the service LevelUp provides for their children?

LevelUp is an online gamified personality assessment tool for children. With a project team, I helped redesign their "freemium" model and pricing plans and improved the overall UX of their existing website.

Project Manager

User researcher

UI Designer

My Role

6 Weeks (Oct - Dec 2022)

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