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Product designer for Circles.Life’s global travel eSIM app, Jetpac. Overseeing the entire end-to-end journey and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Redesigned the onboarding process for new Jetpac users by focusing on key user feedback and reiterating through rounds of internal and external user testing

  • Redesigned the Jetpac app's dashboard to tackle most demanding user problems and reiterating them through user testing and feedback from stakeholders and software engineers

  • Actively contributed to the maintenance and evolution of Design Systems alongside the product design team, fostering design consistency, clear communication and efficiency

  • Contributed to the end-to-end design process by creating wireframes, user flows, and interface elements, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience

  • Collaborated closely with the internal tech development team to implement high-quality user interface designs and ensured alignment with product requirements

Key Achievements

  • Transformed Jetpac's onboarding process, resulting in a 20% surge in user satisfaction and an 87.5% reduction in related customer tickets

  • Introduced A/B testing to measure design performance for our product detail pages, increasing average conversion rate by 33%

  • Synthesised user feedback, market research, and business requirements to identify pain points and opportunities, leading to developing innovative solutions that effectively addressed user needs.

Full case study coming soon. In the meantime, here are some UI designs from the launched product!

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splash screen.png
mockup 2.png
On bootup.png

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